Introducing your new Broadcast Phone System in the Cloud.

No hybrids, no phone lines, no hardware: just open a web browser and start taking calls. 100% cloud telephony with a world class phone screening UI for broadcasters.

Create a better Audience Experience.

How many of your listeners try to call one of your shows and simply receive a busy tone? Audata Connect allows you to answer every single call: you can add callers to a queue, handle calls with AI-powered Virtual Producers, or even just play a recorded message.

Seamless Integration with Audata Promo.

Display prize history information and eligibility instantly when a listener calls in, so you’ll be able to spot a frequent winner before you even answer the phone. Then, awarding prizes is as simple as one click.

Answer, screen, or make calls from Anywhere.

Because Connect is a 100% cloud solution, you can manage calls for any station from anywhere in the world. This is game-changing for stations broadcasting content into other markets, and even allows producers to work remotely and screen calls from their laptop.

Built-in Analytics.

For the first time, Audata Connect allows you to see real-time Call analytics: who is calling, what times / shows see the most incoming calls, and more.

Runs in the browser (or on the Desktop).

Audata Connect runs in any modern web browser with no installation required. If you require simultaneous callers on multiple audio devices, Audata Connect is also available in an installable desktop application for Windows and macOS, allowing for 2 separate audio I/O devices.

No Phone Lines. No Hybrids. No Worries.

Audata Connect is a 100% cloud telephony solution for Broadcast Radio. Forget about leasing a fixed number of phone lines, managing a SIP infrastructure, and installing and maintaining phone hybrids. As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you’re good to go on any device.

Lightning Fast. Incredibly Reliable.

Audata Connect runs in the Cloud, with edge deployments running in your geographic location for lightning fast speed. We also run redundant infrastructure for reliability, so if one location goes down, another location will automatically take over - so your phones keep running.

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