The world's number one promo management & prize automation platform.

Discover why leading media & entertainment brands around the world rely on Audata Promo to manage promotions, automate prize fulfilment, capture audience data, and more.

Prizes Awarded
$100 million+
Cash Prizes Delivered (AUD)

Automate prize fulfilment from beginning to end.

Forget manual data entry or following-up with prize winners. Audata Promo automatically collects winners details via a secure, unique SMS link, and manages the entire prize fulfilment process from start to finish.

Manage all your promotions in one place.

From clients and sales commitments, to finance tracking and inventory, Audata Promo allows you to manage your promotions in one place: whether you're a single brand or a complex national network.

Turn your promotions into data & insights.

Audata Promo makes it easy to surface valuable insights from your promotions, and capture first-party data directly from your audiences when they participate in your contests.

Bring Sales and Promotions together.

Audata Promo connects your entire promotions workflow seamlessly to your sales team with direct integration with the worlds #1 CRM, Salesforce.

Manage promotional spend & streamline prize remittance.

Cost coding, approval rules, and direct GL integration give companies unparalleled control of promotional spend, while securely streamlining the process of remitting cash prizes.

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