Audata played a crucial role in helping us manage our winners and automate prize fulfilment, particularly with so many different layers to the campaign.
Dannii Gardiner - Client & Content Solutions Manager

NZME creates a one-of-a-kind music festival

To find one of the world’s most unique, innovative, and exciting radio-led live events, look no further than the picturesque Lake Tikitapu in Rotorua, New Zealand. That’s where over 4,000 ZM listeners participated in NZ’s only floating music festival - ZM’s Float. Driven by the loved national NZME radio brand, FLOAT content reached over 1.5 million people on social media, received rave reviews from attendees, and was both a marketing and commercial success for ZM.

With 6 months of planning, countless layers of promotion and on-air execution, and a myriad of commercial and campaign sponsor components to deliver, pulling off such a one-of-a-kind event was no mean feat for the ZM team. 

For Dannii Gardiner of ZM, Audata was a key factor to making it happen. "Audata played a crucial part in helping ZM keep track of winners, especially with the different layers of campaigns as we ran numerous promotions for different sponsors," said Gardiner. "For example, we ran a VIP competition with Ford Ranger, Summer essentials prize packs with Trumpet, and so on."

"Audata was important in helping ZM manage prize contests, automate our prize fulfilment and collect audience data (this was really interesting for us to see our audiences key demographics such as where they were based, age and gender to help with our marketing efforts for next time."

Gardiner also won Audata's annual Promo Star award for 2019, celebrating the best achievements in promotions for radio & entertainment, for her work choreographing ZM FLOAT.