Grant Broadcasters
Before Audata, managing promotions & prizes was all done through a lot of Excel spreadsheets and phone calls.
Ben Lemberg - Promotions Manager

Grant Broadcasters executes Big Ideas on a Local Scale

Family-owned Grant Broadcasters operates regional radio stations in every Australian state and territory, and rely on Audata to streamline promotions at a national scale while retaining the deep local connection earned by every station in their communities.

River 94.9 recently offered one listener the chance to win $1 million, with their ambitious Million Dollar Neighbourhood promotion, culminating in a large scale outside broadcast with 100 entrants in attendance.

Audata spoke with Promotions Manager Ben Lemberg about executing the promotion and how Audata Promo helps his workflow.

How did Audata help bring River 94.9's Million Dollar Neighbourhood to life?

Audata provided the essential information our announcers needed to deliver the liners and competition spots on air. Our Promotions team were making daily adjustments to the competition and Audata gave them the ability to do it instantly and painlessly.

We ran four dedicated contest spots each day, which included solicits, liners, and comp spots (for entrants). Over the whole promotion period we delivered a total of 80 contest spots, and countless liners for client partners. Audata was used to ensure we could accurately report client mentions for both our major promotion sponsor, and other partners in the tactic.

What do you think makes Grant radio brands so engaging?

Grant Broadcasters has a real focus on staying local and working for the local community. We operate differently to larger metro stations, and make sure everything we do only concerns the people in our listener area. This is why listeners truly feel like they can trust Grant Broadcasters brands.

How has Audata Promo changed the workflow for Promotions Managers such as yourself at Grant Broadcasters?

Before Audata, managing promotions & prizes was all done through a lot of Excel spreadsheets and phone calls. Audata has streamlined communication between Promotions and On Air teams, as well as making it so much easier to communicate with winners.

Has Audata Promo also improved the experience for Grant Broadcasters customers and listeners?

Winners receive a simple text message that takes them through to all the details they need to know for any given promotion. And if they’re a previous winner all their details are already saved, making it frictionless for our audiences.