KIIS 97.3
Audata IQ Voicemail is the best voicemail program currently available, we're already ready to go again next Christmas
Ali Longhurst - Content Director

IQ Voicemail powers KIIS 973's Ho Ho Hotline for another successful year

Ho Ho Hotline on KIIS 97.3 is a great example of how much Audata enjoys collaborating with clients and developing new ideas.

In 2021, the KIIS 97.3 team had an idea for Christmas but lacked a programme capable of delivering it. Ali Longhurst, director of content, contacted the Audata Development Team to request a platform that could record and store voicemails, which her team could then easily navigate and play on their station. The concept was straightforward: call Santa and tell him whether your child belongs on the good or bad list. The Audata Development Team developed an application now known as Audata IQ Voicemail in a short period of time. Audata identified a phone number appropriate for the client's campaign, and when listeners call that number and leave a message, the data is saved in the IQ Voicemail app using Audata Promo.

The KIIS 97.3 Ho Ho Hotline was so successful that it was repeated in 2022, with fantastic results. The hotline was inundated with hundreds of calls from parents (and children) who provided the station with valuable content. The hotline number was so desired KIIS 97.3 was able to align a sponsor and prize with the campaign, making it a success for both the Content Team and Sales Team. KIIS 97.3 has already reserved its Santa hotline number for the 2023 holiday season, and we're excited to see how the Ho Ho Hotline performs in its third year. If you know of a station that could use the Audata IQ Voicemail platform and revolutionise their voicemail solution, reach out to the Audata team for a demonstration at