Triple M Brisbane
Before Audata Events, we would do guest lists for all our events. These would be tedious, take a long time to check people in, and ultimately would not be a great experience for our prize winners. It's hard to imagine ever going back after using Audata Events!
Nick Bartley​ - Brand Experience Director for Southern Cross Austereo Brisbane

Triple M Brisbane Rocks Audata Events

It’s been a very busy few months here at Audata with lots of exciting features and products in the works. Our latest product Audata Events is finally here and it is already making the lives of hard working radio teams easier. 

The first station to kick off with Audata Events was the team at Triple M Brisbane. Their Oztober Garage Session concert featuring classic Australian artists Noiseworks, James Reyne and The Screaming Jets was all locked in and ready to go. With 600 guests invited the thought of a door list was not appealing to the team and they knew there had to be an easier way. 

Brand Experience Director for Southern Cross Austereo Brisbane, Nick Bartley​ said, “I would HIGHLY recommend Audata Events to anyone hosting an event with any number of people attending.

Audata Events allowed us to produce a slick looking ticket with our station/client branding on it, and then issue the tickets to all winners easily through Audata Promo so they could be scanned on entry. It also allowed us to produce PDF tickets to be sent directly to clients/VIP's, so they didn't need to be put through Audata Promo as a winner. 

The ticket scanning process was quick and flawless and easily executed off a couple of mobile phones with zero issues with scanning across the night. We were able to bring the long line into the venue very quickly, something that simply would not have happened without Audata Events”.

Why put yourself through another awkward door list when you can simply use Audata Events and make the whole experience not just better for your business but for your listeners. 

If you’re interested in Audata Events or have any questions please contact